How to Have Ridiculously Clean Tile Floors All the Time

Are you tired of grungy grout?

Discouraged by dust, hair, and crumbs on the floor?

It seems like the task of cleaning never ends.

But what if you could spend less time maintaining your home and still have it look better than it ever did?

No, we’re not talking about hiring a cleaning service, although that might solve the problem.

Instead, we’ll share ideas about cleaning tile floors more efficiently.

tile floor vacuums

The Problem with Traditional Cleaning Tools

Traditional cleaning tools like brooms and string mops push dirt around on the floor. Although the tile looks better than it did before you cleaned, it’s quick to collect grime again.

You end up putting in twice the effort to maintain the floor.

Stop torturing yourself and just spend a little money to upgrade your cleaning tools.

Once you have better tools, you’ll wonder how you survived before.

The Tools That Make Tile Sparkly Clean

The first weapon in your arsenal against dirt on tile floors is your vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaners for Tile Floors

Vacuuming up debris is vastly more efficient than sweeping or dust-mopping. You’ll get every last particle, and you won’t need to scrape anything into the dustpan.

We recommended several of the best tile floor vacuums in an article we wrote recently. They range from lightweight cordless models to lift-away vacuums to robots.

If you have a busy family and pets, we suggest two things to make your life easier.

First, store a cordless stick or handheld vacuum near the part of your home that needs the most frequent cleanups. For example, hang it on the wall of the pantry.

When there’s a vacuum close by, your family will be more likely to pick up spills right away.

And second, get a robotic vacuum. If you’ve never had one, you’re going to love it. There’s nothing like leaving for work in the morning and coming back home to clean floors at night.

Today’s robots can handle both bare floors and carpets, recharge themselves when needed, update you on their progress, and some can even empty their own dustbins.

Now, while best vacuums for your tile floor keep your floor free of dust and visible dirt, you still need a way to keep it sanitary.

Tile Floor Cleaners

That’s where the best tile floor cleaners come in– they remove sticky spills, stains, and some of the germs. They keep the grunge off the grout. Plus, they leave the floor shiny and smooth.

Since your floor is clear of debris because you’ve vacuumed it, it only takes a few minutes to spray the best tile floor cleaner and go over it with a damp microfiber mop.

Many of the floor cleaners are also safe to use on countertops and backsplashes, too.

Moreover, most of the ones we recommended are safe for your family and the environment.

Keep a bottle on hand to take care of little messes.

But while these cleaning liquids are convenient for a quick mop up, when you want a deep-down clean, you need a steam mop.

Steam Mops for Tile Floors Work Miracles

Once you’ve used one of the best steam mops for tile floors, you’ll find it hard to go back to traditional mopping and scrubbing.

You’ll be enchanted watching grime disappear like magic. Your grout has never looked so amazing.

Pet owners and parents take note: steam mops sanitize the surface, unlike most liquid cleaners. The heat of the vapor is high enough to kill nearly 100% of disease-causing germs. It gets rid of odors as well.

A big bonus is that you don’t need to spend money on buying cleaners if you have a steam mop. All you need is water.

Many of the steam mops we reviewed can also help you clean shower walls and windows.

Maximize Your Free Time with a Cleaning Schedule

Okay, once you have a tile vacuum, floor cleaner, and a steam mop, how can you free up as much of your precious free time as possible?

In the beginning, you’ll probably need to put in extra effort to get everything spotless. Make good use of that steam mop. But then the floor will be easier to maintain.

If you have a robot vacuum, program it to run as often as you need it and then you can relax.

There are also robots that can mop floors, which eliminates your work almost completely.

On the other hand, set a goal to vacuum your tile floors yourself at least once a week or more often if needed. Depending on the size of your home, this may take you less time than it does to brew a cup of coffee.

Next, steam-mop once every week or two right after you vacuum. That takes about two to three times as long as vacuuming, but the results are satisfying.

Soon your gleaming tile floors will become a source of pride and contentment.